How to apply

Here is detailed manual how to apply in order to participate in Central European Studies in Prague. With this manual you should be able to complete the process with no difficulties. If you hit the wall, try out the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) list and if you can’t find your problem there, we will be more than happy to help:


1.    Browse our webpages and read thoroughly what CESP program is about, who is it for and who can apply. We strongly recommend sections:   Why   CESP?, Admission requirements, Tuition,  Courses Registration and CESP calendar for application deadlines and semester start and finishing dates.

2.    Now if you have decided you’d like to join one of our programs, it is time to download and fill in the application form.

        Note: Please note that courses you register in the application form are your final choice, these cannot be changed after your arrival to Prague!!!!


3.   Full list of documentation necessary for a complete application

  • Application Form for Spring Semester 2023
  • two passport sized photos (minimum image 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm )
  • official transcript from your university (or other institution of higher education)
  • CV/resume maximum one page long
  • application fee 50 EUR

4.   When you have all this together, put it all in one envelope and send it to the Prague University of Economics and Business, exact address is here:

Prague University of Economics and Business
nam. Winstona Churchilla 4
130 67 Prague 3
Czech Republic

5.   Application fee can be paid:

  • by credit card on-line or by bank to bank money transfer (on-line payment form same as a bank contact to be found under section tuition)

6.   What happens next:

  • after we receive both application fee and application documents, we will contact you by email whether you have been or not have been accepted to Central European Studies in Prague
  • in case you were accepted we will send acceptance letter and other documents automatically

7.   Application deadline – Spring Semester 2023

  • Application deadline: November 10, 2022 (for non- EU students)
  • Application deadline: December 20, 2022 (for EU students)

Good luck filling in the application, we are looking forward to having you in Prague!


 Good to know:

– Order in which application documents and application fee arrives is not set, but it is better to send application documents first so we know, that we can expect an application fee to arrive. It makes the identification of payment way easier and prevents misunderstandings.

– Official transcript: means document issued by your university stating your GPA or other means of grading (percentage, scales). Only diploma stating that you passed or proving your degree will not be taken into account. Official transcript of grades is essential.