Remarkable changes in Central and Eastern Europe have generated considerable interest in economies and cultures of the nations from these territories. Vast potential markets, resources of raw materials and skilled workers may be divided in many ways into different spheres of interest. New areas of prosperity as well as new regions of chronic conflict may appear on the map of this part of the world. Many young people feel that it might be both exciting and useful to understand these processes, know basic facts about the economic systems operating in these countries, be informed about new economic doctrines, managerial practices and moral standards arising here and, last but not least, have some personal experience with the life and social atmosphere of this area.

Central European Studies in Prague, taught in English, reviews the past and investigates the present and future of the developing economies, societies, politics, and languages of these countries. Students of the program also have the opportunity to register in several courses designed as a standard part of the University curriculum and taught in English (from fields such as finance, economics, marketing, trade, etc.). This will improve the students’ general academic background and, simultaneously, make it possible for them to immerse themselves in the community of Czech students at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Prague is literally the centre of Europe, has an impressive history (the first university in Prague was founded in 1348) and is said to be a very beautiful city. Living here for one semester or a full academic year will certainly be a significant investment into your personal development.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!