Courses Registration

CESP Course registration policy

Students can find a list of the courses offered, their descriptions and short resumes of professors who teach the courses on our website.

Students should choose at least three courses, although under special circumstances permission may be granted for a student to take fewer. The maximum of registered courses is four, but there is a possibility to sign up for more. Each additional course above the maximum of 4 will add 300 EUR to the total tuition fee.

Almost all courses listed are held each semester, so students studying in CESP for two semesters will have the opportunity to choose from the courses not taken during the first semester.

The course selection is a part of the application form. It will be considered as student’s final course registration. Students will be allowed to change their course registration only in case there is a scheduling conflict or the selected course is cancelled.

We highly recommend students to check with their academic advisor at their home institution which courses will be approved and which will fit to their major field of study before filling the course selection form.

  • Courses Marketing Strategy and International Strategy of Global Companies cannot be taken together, student may register either Marketing Strategy or International Strategy of Global Companies.
  • Courses International Business and World Trade and Investment cannot be taken together, student may register either International Business or World Trade and Investment.
  • It is not possible to choose the courses, which overlap in the schedule.
  • In order to open a course, there must be at least 8 students registered.

Grading Methods and Schedule

All CESP courses represent 26 classroom units (one teaching unit = 2*45 minutes) in addition to homework. According to VSE classification (comparable with typical classification used in USA), this represents 3 US credits; according to ECTS (European Community Credit Transfer System) it is worth either 6 or 7 credits. Unless CESP obtains another request, an official transcript confirming credits for each successfully completed course will be sent to the address specified by the CESP student.

Each course is 4 teaching hours per week. Each semester consists of 13 course weeks.

The professors are encouraged to include evaluations of written tests and assignments as part of their final grade compilation. Attendance is compulsory to all CESP courses and forms at least 20% of the grade.

Grading Scale
100 – 90 A Excellent
89 – 75 B Very Good
74 – 60 C Good
59 and less F Fail

Please note that students who would like to leave the program before its officially specified end, may complicate the CESP instruction and examination schedule. All exams take place during CESP semester, there is not an extra exam period and make-up exams. Leaving the program before its end is therefore allowed only exceptionally and under the following conditions:

1| The student cannot leave the program earlier then 14 days before its officially specified end. If the student leaves earlier than this, CESP will not issue the official transcript of credits.

2| The student must negotiate the conditions for his/her grading with professors individually. CESP will not investigate any student’s complaints about grading if the student decides to leave before the end of the program.