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5.2.2018 - 11.5.2018 - Spring Semester 2018

11.6.2018 - 13.7.2018 - Summer University 2018


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Orientation Week

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The Program starts with an orientation week that includes an opening reception where you can meet the CESP staff, professors and classmates in an informal environment.

During the orientation week there are introductory classes about Czech history and elementary Czech. These classes are mandatory and are offered primarily for two reasons. First, the student will better understand recent development in the Czech Republic after being introduced to its history. Second, every student living in a foreign country will at some point need to ask directions, order food or simply say hello. The language classes will introduce the student to the Czech language and ease the transition into Prague life through basic phrases. The program of the orientation week always starts on Monday; the exact date is specified in the Welcome letter that every student receives before the start of semester.

CESP Orientation Week program Spring 18